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The proposal for glass recycling

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Recycle glass in a separate container. Never mix glass with paper, plastic or metal recyclables.

Keep glass separate

Use a separate bin for glass when you set out your curbside recycling. Use a plastic bucket or other type of container that will hold up in the rain. If you live in an apartment, condominium or other multi-family housing, a separate container for glass is provided for you.

Remove lids and rinse containers. Metal lids can be recycled with other metals in your commingled recycling roll cart or container. Lids are not allowed in the glass bin.

Glass mixed with other items can break and can contaminate paper, plastics and other recyclables making them more difficult, costly or impossible to recycle. In addition, broken glass can damage recycling equipment at paper mills. 

Bottles and jars only – do not include other types of glass

Do not include vases, bake ware, drinking glasses, eye glasses, window glass, mirrors, dishes, light bulbs, ceramics, broken glass, etc.

Glass bottles and jars are different from other types of glass. They have different ingredients and melt temperatures than all other types of glass. Mixing other types of glass with jars and bottles during manufacturing can weaken the structure of a bottle or jar, which can cause it to crack or explode when being filled or opened.