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Qualified glass bottles are produced this way

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What about a qualified glass bottle? (1) a bottle of bubble: bubble is the most prone to problems in the production of glass bottles, most quality inspection personnel inspection can not correctly grasp the dimensions, such as: the bottle sealing surface is less than 1mm the bubble is not allowed; bottle: Phi 1mm below the bubble within no more than one square centimeter 6; 1mm < Phi < 6mm bubble is not more than 3, and the distance is more than 20mm; the surface of the broken bubble is not allowed, it is difficult to grasp, only with a shape of Feilinbi. Glass bottle factory

(2) crooked neck: the main operation is to start, in the operation process, the mouth mold and the mold dislocation or die side is not completely placed on the mold, the operation required to start correcting operations that can be resolved. Even if it does not affect the fit with the lid, it also affects the overall appearance of the bottle.

(3) inclined bottom: uneven material at the bottom, half of the thickness, or even more than half, affecting product quality, lowering the quality of products.